An Explanation of Drywall

Ross Brothers provides comprehensive Drywall services for new construction and drywall substitute for renovations. Our specialists are expertly trained and licensed installers. They’re also licensed and insured for the protection of our clients. Our General Contractor has over 27 years’ experience and has proficiently completed 1000’s of jobs without a single blemish on his record. Our drywall services used only drywall products that are made here in the United States guaranteeing you the client the greatest quality of materials!


What Drywall Is

Many people have heard about Drywall and they know that this is somehow connected to the structure and finishing of a building. In reality, it is a material that is used to finish the surface of a room or area. It is usually found on walls and ceilings and it comes in different varieties, depending on the needs and preferences of the area. There are also differences in the measurement for this building material. These come in sheets of varying sizes.

Types of Drywall

The “Regular” kind is somewhere around eight by four feet and can cover about thirty-two square feet. It comes in ½ inch thicknesses and may be considered the regular type. It is commonly used to cover ceiling and walls but there are times when other types are used. More common areas where the regular material is used are living rooms and bedrooms.

“Green Board” is a Drywall that is resistant to moisture. Ross Brothers Drywall Contractors use this type of drywall in bathrooms and kitchens or wherever water or any other liquid may be used. It resists absorbing the moisture, making it a better alternative to the “Regular” kind, which can absorb wetness. The absorption can actually compromise the building material if it were not the special green board kind. Constant exposure to moisture can compromise the integrity of the material causing it to become soft and rot in just a short time. Molds can also form in the ordinary kind if it were constantly exposed to moisture. Molds, in great quantities, can be highly dangerous to human beings so our professionals use the special one that resists moisture.

“Fire Shield” is another type of drywall that is resistant to flames. It is a great asset to have in the house especially in the kitchen, unless it is close to the sink where green board is better. It resists fire for a longer period of time and has the ability to control or manage the temperature of the area where it is completely used.

The last type of drywall is “flex form”, which is used by Ross Brothers for areas of the building that have curves not angles in its wall or ceiling surfaces. Rounded rooms and other areas of the building that have curves are dry walled with the use of the “flex form”. It has the characteristics of the” regular” type of material, except more flexible.

These are the more common types of sheetrock material Ross Brothers use for houses and buildings. Our drywall contractors have the experience and expertise to know when to tear down and replace this material instead of just trying to patch things up. If there is too much damage or presence of mold, then it is better to just take the old one off and replace it. This is applicable to both walls and ceilings.

For All Your Drywall Needs

Ross Brothers is different from other Drywall Installation Companies as we pride ourselves on attention to detail and our exclusive methods of providing customer service. If you are in need of any type of Drywall Services then contact Ross Brothers at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach county to speak with one of our professional account managers and discover firsthand why Ross Brothers is such a different type of Drywall Company.

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